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Light Gauge Steel Framing

Prefabricated high quality light gauge steel frames that are light, durable and also cost effective for your next construction project.

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We offer a wide selection of interior construction materials, including bamboo-fiber wall panels and flooring, hardware and accessories.

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Air conditioning and ventilation solutions from GREE - world leading air conditioner manufacturer.


Residential, commercial and industrial construction services from our professional, highly experienced and reputable construction team.


Complete renovation and refurbishment projects brought to you from our team with proven expertise and experience.

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Qualified real estate and property management agents offering sale, rental and property management services.

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About Us

Tiger Steel is an integrated construction and property services provider located in Arncliffe, Sydney Australia. We provide construction, refurbishment and real estate services to our residential, commericial and industrial clients across Australia.

We specialize in light gauge steel framing, bamboo-fiber wall and flooring, hardware and accessories supplies, and also air conditioning and ventiliation solutions.


Australian and privately owned, we have many years of experience in the construction industry. Our portfolio of completed and ongoing projects span across Australia, China and Nigeria, and we strive to be the best at what we do.

We believe there are more innovative, efficient and eco-friendly ways to build. We have made it our mission to promote and enhance the use of better construction materials to Australia and to the rest of the world.


Our professional, in-house and closely-knit team of workers have many years of experience working together across different projects. We pride ourselves on our focus on quality, attention to detail, and on-time project delivery, from inception to completion.

"Light gauge steel framing - the better option."

Light Gauge Steel Framing


Compare to timber construction, light steel framing is much more agile to build.


All decomposed parts are packed in China and reassembled on-site which effectively minimizes the cost of the materials. Light Steel projects also require fewer people to finish.


Compare to timber framing, light steel framing is resistant to cracking, termite, erosion, and fire.

Light Weight

The building material transition of the light-weighted steel is much easier, also it offers much more strength with only a fraction of the weight compared to timber construction.

Environmentally Friendly

Light steel material is easy to store and can be reused in other projects easily unlike timber which requires anti-pest treatment.

Dimensional Stability

The stability and durability of steel makes it resistant to malformation under harsh weather conditions such as strong wind and extreme loading.

Superior Quality

Australian Standard G550 light steel used. Size - 90mm x 38mm; Thickness; 1mm incl. Zinc coating (0.95mm without coating). Pre-punched stainless-steel rivets connection with discontinuous nogging insert steel stud.

Competitive Edges

In comparison to our competitors, Jak Development adapted stainless steel blind rivet and flattening techniques for interconnection which provides extreme stability and durability. Specialized digital equipment is used throughout the project which guarantees the precision of construction.


Tiger Steel and JAK Development (Builder) workers are experienced in the construction industry and are trained by the owner personally to ensure every step during the process is professionally executed.


In general, JAK provides a suitable, complete, proprietary steel framing with fixings, accessories, bracing and integral lintels. Installation tolerances for framing must be well within the required tolerances for the finished applied sheeting.

Proprietary steel framing products: 90mm x 38mm Pre-processed Light Gauge Steel Framing System.


Provide suitable zinc-aluminium coated steel framing.

Corrosion resistance must be: 150g/m2.


Studs, trusses and noggings must be: steel thickness, 0.95mm AS/NZ G550.

Studs, trusses and noggings profile dimensions must be: 90mm x 38mm.


Fixing framing or each party must avoid loosening, falling off, instability and abnormal noise.

Fixing framing must use stainless rivets.


Every pre-processed wall sheet must have K bracing at both end units.


The nogging between studs should not be cut, to increase the bending stiffness.


Provide suitable structual steel sheet to increase the flexural rigidity of floor joists, which thickness should be 1.2mm or more.

Provide double-stud jambs to door and other openings.

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Light gauge steel framing is a popular building option compared to traditional wood framing structure. It is extremely strong and requires little to no maintenance to keep it in top condition unlike timber. It is also a more cost-efficient option when you consider the overall price of the project because it can be easily managed and installed on site.

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